Happy Easter!

This is not a regular blog post, just wanted to wish everyone who celebrates Easter a Happy Easter. Let this be a time for new beginnings I hope it gives you all the courage and the strength to go after your dreams whatever they are! Remember to embrace your uniqueness and believe in yourself, You can do it! I always wish that this time of year brings lots of happiness, love and joy to you all and to all your family and friends!

Next regular post will be up by the 3rd May!

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Pour the Love!

Hi Readers,

Since it is Valentine’s Day this week I thought I would just write a quick post!

Happy Valentines Day to all that celebrate it! Pour the love and support into everyone! Sprinkle a little bit of kindness wherever possible, even a smile to someone could brighten up their day!

To people having a hard time at the moment it’s ok and things will get better even if it feels impossible right now things will be brighter sooner then you think!

To everyone that is really happy at the moment remember to enjoy every second because you deserve it! Remember that it’s the little moments in life that are the most precious and priceless!

Poor the love and kindest everyday not just on Valentine’s Day!

Pour the love by taking a second to appreciate the little things in your life and most importantly your family and friends! Life and everyday stresses can get in the way so just remember you are loved and appreciated!

I would like to say thanks and love you to all my family and friends!

To someone very special I would like to say I love and miss you very much, you know who you are!


Next blog post coming soon!


Love is Love!

As I have mentioned in my previous blogs, people are quick to stereotype, one of the major stereotypes that’s so absurd in my view, is that people with disabilities can’t have what’s considered as a ‘Normal love life’and that we can’t have a family of our own! Of course this is completely incorrect. Disabled people are exactly the same as any other human being on earth! We have the same desires and dreams. From my personal experience being in love is one of the best feelings in the world, being in love with someone who is also your best friend is incredible! Which I proudly can say has happened to me!

Being in a disabled relationship is not much different to the average ‘able bodied’ relationship in terms of dating and all the ups and downs that dating entails , for example finding time for each other with very busy schedules, and of course the arguments! Right? One of the major challenging factors or difference if you want to do what I hate and compare! Is that when your in a ‘disabled relationship’ people don’t take you as seriously as people that are in ‘ordinary ‘ relationship, which in my personal opinion is just closed mindfulness as it does not matter if you are in a wheelchair or not love is love no matter what the circumstances or what is considered ‘normal’ within society. There is no such thing as Normal! Another issue that can be a problem when you are in a disabled relationship is that people tend to have an opinion more often on your relationship as you don’t have much privacy due to the extra support that is sometimes required, so for instance an argument is sometimes over heard and as a couple you may of forgiven each other but for other people their opinions have accidentally formed and that is sometimes hard to change, this can of course cause conflict in any relationship but can be made worse when you are disabled! Everything just needs more planning and discussions when deciding to progress the future of the relationship in terms of living together and family planning etc. I assure you it is all worth it! All that is required is the relevant support, care plans/ packages are up to date and that the correct provisions are put in place so that you can continue living the life you want to live! Nothing is impossible! If I had the chance with a very special someone once more, I would love nothing more then to break down the barriers that got in our way which can of course be done and have an incredible future together! Anyone in love or has been in love in the past will know there is absolutely nothing you wouldn’t do to be with the person you love! Unfortunately however I didn’t act on my own advice and things didn’t go the way we both intended!

The rules do not change just because you are disabled! There is no guide book to love, every relationship whether you are disabled or not is hard at times and no relationship is the same!

Just follow your heart, take that leap of faith because it’s better to have a go then be scared of something that might be the best thing you have ever done, like I said love is love whatever the circumstances or conditions!