Brightsidebecs is back!

Hello readers,

First of all I just want to say that I am really sorry I have been so absent from this blog for the last few months. I am ashamed and horrified that I have neglected something that I’m hoping one day will inspire someone to follow their dreams no matter what circumstances or disability they have! The main reason I write this is to help people and I’m deeply saddened that I have let my personal life and circumstances get in the way of that!

Where do I begin, I think my last post all them months back was briefly touching on my PTSD and mental health struggles, well while I have been away from writing my PTSD and anxiety took a bigger grip on me than I would of liked and it meant I lost all my confidence, motivation and I lost all belief in myself. I felt as though I would come across a hypocrite to you all by telling you all to look on the “brightside” and that you can overcome anything when I went through mental periods of hating being disabled. Not a great advert is it for a positive on the whole blog about disability. “Oh even the writer hates being disabled!”

My therapy for PTSD brought up lots of issues and insecurities that I wasn’t aware were there and I needed time away from this ti be able to process it all to be able to write or touch on in later posts of this blog.

While I have been away from writing I have once again lost my ability to trust people/carers which has has a big impact on me so i have honestly felt like a balloon just drifting away in the breeze and finding it really hard to keep inflated!

I have also had a big birthday and that in itself has made my mental health bad for periods at a time as its made me panic that I running out of time to have a baby for example but now I have my rational brain back on thanks to family and friends I know that I have got time to and can achieve everything I want to.

So yeah that’s the last few months in a not to nice nutshell I will go into some of them in detail in future posts.

I’m back and fully believe again that anything is possible and of course….

A Life without limits is a life well Lived!

Thanks for reading!

Next post will be by the end of next week! (28th October)



Hello from my mind!

Hi Readers,

Sorry I have not written a blog post in a while. I have had some personal issues to deal with. As it is mental health awareness week. I thought I would open up my mind for you all and tell you what’s been going on.

I may or may not have mentioned in previous blogs that I have PTSD and Anxiety. As I am sure many of you are aware having these can make you feel inadequate and for me personally it’s felt like I have two minds, my normal mind that is happy up for anything and is planning for the future and then this out of body brain that is insecure scared snaps at the most terrible moments! Hi I can publicly say I am extremely ashamed of my ‘PTSD’ mind.

The last few weeks in therapy have been quite difficult as I have been working through some of the reasons why I have these mental conditions. It has been really helpful and has opened my mind a great deal but as a consequence of these sessions my emotions have been like a rollercoaster as my mind tries to process everything correctly!

I have made wrong decisions and not recognised myself at all! I would like to say sorry I didn’t mean the things that I have done or said! My emotions have to process everything and I have channeled completely wrong but I have got them under control now!

I am pleased to say that I feel more human again and that my PTSD and Anxiety brain is coming under control now and I’m feeling more Brightsidebecs again everyday!

For everyone that is struggling it’s ok not to be ok and you are not a failure which I myself have been feeling lately. Talk to someone/ anyone ask for help you will soon see the light at the end of a the storm cloud tunnel I promise!

Happy Easter!

This is not a regular blog post, just wanted to wish everyone who celebrates Easter a Happy Easter. Let this be a time for new beginnings I hope it gives you all the courage and the strength to go after your dreams whatever they are! Remember to embrace your uniqueness and believe in yourself, You can do it! I always wish that this time of year brings lots of happiness, love and joy to you all and to all your family and friends!

Next regular post will be up by the 3rd May!

Brightsidebecs 🦋

Cerebral Palsy and I!

As it is the last day of Cerebral Palsy awareness month for another year, I thought I would write a post.

Firstly a definition of what Cerebral Palsy is:

Cerebral Palsy is the name for a group of life long conditions that affect movement and co ordination, caused by a problem with the brain that occurs before, during or soon after birth. (NHS Website)

As I might of mentioned in previous blogs, I have Cerebral Palsy myself. I was officially diagnosed with the condition when I was three years old, this happened after numerous visits to the doctors and other health pofessionals appointments made by my parents. I was born nine weeks premeture, for a premature baby however apart from being very tiny I was reletively heathy. My parents first suspected that something was wrong with me when I couldn’t hold my own head up and I wasn’t hitting other baby milestones. At first health professionals put it down to delayed development and they thought I that I would catch up in time. My parents knew in their gut that something was not quite right so with their presistence I got the diagnosis made by a physio!

My parents didn’t see me any different they just wanted to know what to do next, which consisted of many hospital and physio appointments and even an operation to help me get around a little better, which i’m sure i’ll go in to more detail at a future post!

Anyway I can sense you getting a little bored now reading about my ‘Normal’ life and my i’m sure my reletive standard diagnosis story as I’m sure many people with CP was diagnosed in a similar way. My idea behind me telling you all is so that people get a better understanding of what people with disabilities have to go through. No one with Cerebral Palsy is exactly the same, yes I agree that we have the same condition but we are all unique to how it affects us. A good way of looking at it is we are all butterflies as butterflies my look the same from a distance but they are all unique in their colour and beauty and all fly and shine in their unique glory.

I personally see this with Cerebral Palsy and with other disabilities as the disability makes people shine and makes us the kickass people I know we are by not letting a disability get in our way to achiveing the impossible and conquring the world!

By the way as a disabled person and i’m sure others will agree with me, I dont mind been called disabled its not offensive to me, I know I am disabled and i”m well aware I can’t change it! the word isn’t going to make me to break down in tears, so to all the people that think “we can’t use that word” on the whole you can and you won’t shock me or other disabled people i’ve heard it all before and I’m sure others have as well. I hope others will agree with me on this issue. I personally embrace my disability every day!

So on this last day of the awareness lets contiue showing the ‘ability’ in disabity and be the wonderful unique people we all are with or without a disability, nothing is impossiple the only thing that stops us all is our own fears! Lets together conquar them all one by one!

We can do this one step at a time or in my case one wheel at a time! 🙂

Disability on the airwaves!

Recently I have been doing work with an internet radio station, in West Yorkshire (England) there is a radio show called This is us! It is a show made for and presented by people with disabilities! The show was created as a small group of people with disabilities who thought it was about time they took control and make people without disabilities pay attention. As a disabled person myself I think this is a brilliant idea! The show has done a lot of work in the community to make a difference for people with disabilities. They have covered a lot of topics that are not really discussed in public. The show also helps disabled people who are doing things to raise awareness an audience in order to promote their work. They are planning on getting professionals on the show so that they can listen to what disabled people have to say! Services like these are a great step forward to becoming an even better all inclusive world for everyone!

I think projects like this are wonderful for disabled people and getting their views an opinions heard. It’s great and long may it continue!

I was lucky enough to be interviewed by such talented people about this blog!

If you wish to listen to This is Us click on the link below.

There is more shows on and South Leeds Radio!

Me and My Blog! Questions Answered!

I recently did a internet radio interview about this blog and the reasons why I write! I thought it would be a good idea to answer some of the same questions and a few new ones as a post to give you my wonderful readers a better insight into my life and the reasons why I started writing this blog.

1.Where are you from?

I am from a city in the North of England. (UK)

2. What is your background in terms of Education?

I was the first pupil/student with a disability who also uses a wheelchair to attend my primary school and high school. So as a result of this I was the one leading them into becoming a more inclusive school not only for me but for pupils/students in the future. I then went on to do my A levels and then I went on to get a Bachelors Degree. (BSc)

3. When did you start writing the blog?

I started writing this blog in late September 2018.

4. What is the blog about?

The blog is about being disabled and all the ups and downs that come with having a disability. I am using my personal experiences and knowledge as a disabled person to try and inform, inspire and reassure people. One of my main purposes of writing a blog is to try and make people aware that just because of a disability you don’t have to let it define you or let the limitations control you, instead embrace your disability and turn it into a strength to achieve anything you want to, everything can be overcome and nothing is impossible!

5. Who is the blog aimed at?

The blog is aimed at everyone, but particularly people with disabilities and their families. It is also aimed at parents that have recently been told that their baby/infant has a disability and are upset about the diagnoses and that a worried sick about the future for their child seeking reassurance or advice or just simply just to know they are not alone. It is also aimed at people that are just curious and wanting to find out more.

6. How did you come up with with the name Brightsidebecs?

My friend who has been a big support to me in my life and getting the blog up and running helped me with the name. Becs is a nickname for my actual name and I wanted something that sounded positive as I want my blog to be mainly positive about disability. I also wanted something that people were going to remember!

7. What do you want to achieve from your blog?

As I said in a previous question I want to inspire and reassure people and it would be nice to continue to spread a positive message on disability. Just to know I have helped someone feel a little better about themselves or their future even if its just for a few seconds it’s all worth it! I’d like to think that my blog will empower people to believe in themselves to follow their dreams.

8 You mention your parents in your blog, how have they supported you?

My parents have made me the determined personI am today, they have brought me up as able bodied they have not treated me any different just because I am disabled. They have taught me that my disability is only a small part of who I am and that I can achieve anything and handle whatever life throws at me. They support me in everything I do!

9. What’s your personal plans for the future?

My personal plans for the future are to live independently, I am currently in the process of applying to do a councelling course, to hopefully one day become a self employed consellor. I would also be open to starting a family sometime in the future! All of which I will blog about along the way! I would also love to do a skydive!

10. What do you do in your free time?

I love to spend time with friends and family, I love to socialise and meeting new people. I also love to push myself and my disability to the limits! I love travelling and expirencing and learning new things. I go to a lot of live music and theatre. I also do a few things for charity. For example I have participated in a colour run for charity in my wheelchair.

11. In one of your most recent blog posts, you spoke about your personal expirences of been disabled. What was the purpose of this? What are you hoping/wanting the reaction to be on this post?

I wrote this particular post because I have been wondering for a while if disabled people, (myself included) if we would get treated better with more respect and value if able bodied people knew what it was geniuinging like for a disabled person every day. I was as brutally honest as I could be, and I am going to continue with “my version” of disability in the future. As I couldn’t fit it all into one post and i think it is important ant for me to write about to raise awareness! We are all unique and human beings! The reaction that I am hoping to get/wanting is what I have just mentioned that everyone sees us as just like everybody else because we are!

12. What is the the future of your blog?

As I keep mentioning I want to continue to inspire and empower disabled people. I am going to hopefully start a YouTube channel in the near future which will coincide with this blog. I would also like to work along side disabled organisations to continue to inspire and hopefully make a difference!

if people are interested and want to know more listen to the internet radio interview that I did, I will put the link up on my social media platforms when it becomes available at the beginning of April! all my social media platforms have the same name as my web address for this blog : brightsidebecs, I have Instagram, Twitter and a Facebook page! My Twitter name is Brightsidebex.

My Version…..

I often think to myself if people really knew what was going on in a disabled persons head, would we get treated better?

Let’s find out the answer to the question by me been fully open about my thoughts and feelings about being disabled. I must state before I begin this account of being disabled, it is important to note these are my own views and opinions. They are my own personal feelings and experiences. I am defiantly not speaking for all disabled people and saying we all feel like this because I am not! I’m sure there might be similarities but everyone is unique and experience things differently!

Now I have that out the way here goes some of the things I have never said out loud to anyone!

How does it feel to be disabled? Well if people were giving it away for free I wouldn’t be queuing up to get it that’s for sure! I can’t really remember struggling with it when I was younger as I was born with my disability, Cerebral Palsy. My parents say I did struggle and get upset about it but as a child I think I must of known that I was different because of my wheelchair but not understanding why. I asked my parents questions like “why can’t I run around like the other kids? I never missed out on anything, my parents made sure of that! I had a very ‘normal’ childhood. It’s when I became a teenager and into adulthood that I fully realised what the word ‘disabled’ really meant. As a disabled person a lot of the time I feel like I’m in competition with society, if society says I cant then  I  show them I can.

To get a better understanding of what it physically feels like to be disabled I am going to tell you something someone once said to me, (again its not any proven statistics or reaseach its just information that I got told so that I’d understand my disability better) someone who had a disability requires their brain and body  to work three times as hard to do simple tasks then the average able bodied person!

People really don’t realise how lucky they are to be able to just do a simple thing like walking up a step or being able to make yourself a sandwich without a risk assessments being carried out first. I will go into the joys of them beauties in a later post.

I often feel very frustrated that people seem to class me because of my wheelchair as a second class citizen, I often don’t feel valued as a person because I spend most of my day feeling invisible as people are stepping over me or falling over me as they are so wrapped up in their own lives to notice.

Due to my disability I have to rely on other people constantly to help me do everyday tasks. I have wonderful people to help me with this but sometimes I just would love to be able to do it all myself as in my head I feel able bodied and my body is disabled so you can imagine the conversations I have in my head with myself right? I often feel attached to an old lady’s body as it feels like my body doesn’t want to do what my head is saying. I hate relying on people when in my head I’m quite capable of doing everything myself.

Being disabled is just a series of battles between yourself and parents the government professionals and society and its exhausting.

Simple day trips and holidays take sometimes months to plan because all the provisions that need to be put in place to make sure your needs are met.

It also angers me that disabled people also seem an afterthought or the last on the list of priorities when new buildings are been built. We are just as important as everyone else.

Being disabled means I always feel like I am always putting each other’s feelings before my own and I just wish I could scream and say it’s my life not yours, I’m doing this. If I had the chance to redo certain things it would be my choices and I’ll be really happy.

This post will continue at a later date as I could go on and on about my feelings.

Would I change being disabled If I had the opportunity? Yes, in a heartbeat however, being disabled isn’t all bad and I have a wonderful life!

Remember being disabled doesn’t stop you from doing anything and nothing is impossible. Also look on the Brightside!