Cerebral Palsy and I!

As it is the last day of Cerebral Palsy awareness month for another year, I thought I would write a post.

Firstly a definition of what Cerebral Palsy is:

Cerebral Palsy is the name for a group of life long conditions that affect movement and co ordination, caused by a problem with the brain that occurs before, during or soon after birth. (NHS Website)

As I might of mentioned in previous blogs, I have Cerebral Palsy myself. I was officially diagnosed with the condition when I was three years old, this happened after numerous visits to the doctors and other health pofessionals appointments made by my parents. I was born nine weeks premeture, for a premature baby however apart from being very tiny I was reletively heathy. My parents first suspected that something was wrong with me when I couldn’t hold my own head up and I wasn’t hitting other baby milestones. At first health professionals put it down to delayed development and they thought I that I would catch up in time. My parents knew in their gut that something was not quite right so with their presistence I got the diagnosis made by a physio!

My parents didn’t see me any different they just wanted to know what to do next, which consisted of many hospital and physio appointments and even an operation to help me get around a little better, which i’m sure i’ll go in to more detail at a future post!

Anyway I can sense you getting a little bored now reading about my ‘Normal’ life and my i’m sure my reletive standard diagnosis story as I’m sure many people with CP was diagnosed in a similar way. My idea behind me telling you all is so that people get a better understanding of what people with disabilities have to go through. No one with Cerebral Palsy is exactly the same, yes I agree that we have the same condition but we are all unique to how it affects us. A good way of looking at it is we are all butterflies as butterflies my look the same from a distance but they are all unique in their colour and beauty and all fly and shine in their unique glory.

I personally see this with Cerebral Palsy and with other disabilities as the disability makes people shine and makes us the kickass people I know we are by not letting a disability get in our way to achiveing the impossible and conquring the world!

By the way as a disabled person and i’m sure others will agree with me, I dont mind been called disabled its not offensive to me, I know I am disabled and i”m well aware I can’t change it! the word isn’t going to make me to break down in tears, so to all the people that think “we can’t use that word” on the whole you can and you won’t shock me or other disabled people i’ve heard it all before and I’m sure others have as well. I hope others will agree with me on this issue. I personally embrace my disability every day!

So on this last day of the awareness lets contiue showing the ‘ability’ in disabity and be the wonderful unique people we all are with or without a disability, nothing is impossiple the only thing that stops us all is our own fears! Lets together conquar them all one by one!

We can do this one step at a time or in my case one wheel at a time! 🙂


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