Disability on the airwaves!

Recently I have been doing work with an internet radio station, in West Yorkshire (England) there is a radio show called This is us! It is a show made for and presented by people with disabilities! The show was created as a small group of people with disabilities who thought it was about time they took control and make people without disabilities pay attention. As a disabled person myself I think this is a brilliant idea! The show has done a lot of work in the community to make a difference for people with disabilities. They have covered a lot of topics that are not really discussed in public. The show also helps disabled people who are doing things to raise awareness an audience in order to promote their work. They are planning on getting professionals on the show so that they can listen to what disabled people have to say! Services like these are a great step forward to becoming an even better all inclusive world for everyone!

I think projects like this are wonderful for disabled people and getting their views an opinions heard. It’s great and long may it continue!

I was lucky enough to be interviewed by such talented people about this blog!

If you wish to listen to This is Us click on the link below.


There is more shows on http://www.mixcloud.com and South Leeds Radio!



    • Thanks very much for your very kind words on my article. If there’s anything specific you would like me to write in future posts let me know. Please spread the word on my blog I want it to help and reassure as many people as possible.


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