Brightsidebecs is back!

Hello readers,

First of all I just want to say that I am really sorry I have been so absent from this blog for the last few months. I am ashamed and horrified that I have neglected something that I’m hoping one day will inspire someone to follow their dreams no matter what circumstances or disability they have! The main reason I write this is to help people and I’m deeply saddened that I have let my personal life and circumstances get in the way of that!

Where do I begin, I think my last post all them months back was briefly touching on my PTSD and mental health struggles, well while I have been away from writing my PTSD and anxiety took a bigger grip on me than I would of liked and it meant I lost all my confidence, motivation and I lost all belief in myself. I felt as though I would come across a hypocrite to you all by telling you all to look on the “brightside” and that you can overcome anything when I went through mental periods of hating being disabled. Not a great advert is it for a positive on the whole blog about disability. “Oh even the writer hates being disabled!”

My therapy for PTSD brought up lots of issues and insecurities that I wasn’t aware were there and I needed time away from this ti be able to process it all to be able to write or touch on in later posts of this blog.

While I have been away from writing I have once again lost my ability to trust people/carers which has has a big impact on me so i have honestly felt like a balloon just drifting away in the breeze and finding it really hard to keep inflated!

I have also had a big birthday and that in itself has made my mental health bad for periods at a time as its made me panic that I running out of time to have a baby for example but now I have my rational brain back on thanks to family and friends I know that I have got time to and can achieve everything I want to.

So yeah that’s the last few months in a not to nice nutshell I will go into some of them in detail in future posts.

I’m back and fully believe again that anything is possible and of course….

A Life without limits is a life well Lived!

Thanks for reading!

Next post will be by the end of next week! (28th October)