Taking a little break!

Hi this isn’t a post as such I’m just writing to say I’m taking a little break from writing regular posts! I am going though some personal things in my life that I need to concentrate on and I need some time to work things through before I turn my stories into some positive information for all the wonderful people that take the time out to read my blogs. I want to continue to inspire and reassure people as I would like to believe that is one of the reasons I am disabled is so that I can help other people! I just feel I need to take a few weeks to recharge and live life so I have more tales to tell you all! Remember it’s ok to take some time out to recharge and to evaluate it is not failing!

Thanks again for reading my blog even though I’m not actively writing please get in touch with me if there is an area of disability you would like me to cover in the future as I am writing from perspective of living with a disability in order to help other people that might be going through a similar experience!

Next blog post will be published no later then the 9th December!



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