It’s ok to feel blue sometimes!

Being disabled can sometimes be a mixture of feelings and emotions that for some people can change everyday. Society has a big part to play in this in terms of what I have spoken about in previous blogs, stereotyping and disabled access not being as advertised.

I know from personal experience that most of the time my ‘blue’ days come more in the winter due to the snow not allowing me to get on with my everyday life.

Wheels and snow are not friends!

Sometimes people get anxious about leaving the house because they feel like they are going to be stared at or due to their wheelchair or limitations, this is not ok! Society needs to make people feel welcome and teach people that disabled people are no different to able bodied people.

This is one of my purposes for writing my blog in the first place to tell everyone what it really feels like to be disabled! Society is improving and it is a lot better than it used to be however a lot still needs to be done in order to make it more equal. Sometimes people feel blue because they feel like they are failing as they feel it is a constant battle to be seen as everyone else, even though they are in a wheelchair well let me tell you the issues are within themselves not you.

Also feeling down is not failing!!

Sometimes, I myself have felt this way over the years and I have learnt from bitter experiences that sometimes you have to feel these emotions in order to overcome discrimination etc and it makes you stronger as a person! The most important thing to do when you are down or anxious is talk to someone may be a family member or a friend you are not alone and you are certainly not going to get judged! Talking is one of the most powerful tools we have to make change happen! If you are a parent reading this and thinking I don’t want my child to go through this let me tell you it will be ok and that society has vastly improved and it is changing everyday.

My point is, that it is ok to have days where you think why am I disabled or why did that accident happen to me, you wouldn’t be human if you didn’t. Its about making sure that you don’t let limitations stop you in anything you want to do, as anything is possible you just have to rely on a blogger like me who myself lives with a disability to show you that the possibilities are endless even with a disability!

In a future post I will go into what it is like to have a mental illness and a disability and how with strength and perseverance like everything else it can be over come! I know it’s not just disabled people that get down and anxious I know every person on earth has felt it at some point in their lives what ever the issue or reason just know that support is available and with the the right guidance and support there is nothing that can’t be helped or overcome !

Like I said at the beginning it’s ok to be blue sometimes it’s only human nature!


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